Get Ready for Paper Mario: The Origami King on the Switch

Get Ready for Paper Mario The Origami King on the Switch
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The Switch’s lineup for the year 2020 looked almost thin, but things have been shaken up, and it has got a new boost with the recent announcement of the release of Paper Mario: The Origami King. It is the debut of the series on the Switch, and it is all set to launch on the 17th of July this year.

The Paper Mario: The Origami King series had debuted on N64, and it has differed from its main series with a greater focus on comedy and the random RPG spinoff. This version of Mario looks like the perfect fit to the conventional Paper Mario style, along with the amazing papercraft art and multiple types of puns.

The game also comes with what Nintendo has described as the latest ring-based fighting system to let you showcase your puzzle-solving abilities for lining up scattered enemies and maximizing damage. When it comes to the story, Nintendo has offered a complete description of the premise.

Mario is about to face one of the most chilling challenges ever in the game. The evil King Olly is all set to unleash his dangerous plan of folding the entire universe. As the matters start getting worse, the King has bound the castle of Princess Peach in huge, coloured streamers to send it to a faraway mountain. He has even changed the minions of the Bowser into crafty folded soldiers to enlist their help in this treacherous mission.

The Paper Mario: The Origami King is the latest addition to the lineup that has the popular entries like Bravely Default II and Xenoblade Chronicles. There is also the fact that Nintendo has already received a major hit on its plate with the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons that has sold over 13 million copies.

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