Google All Set to Roll out Its Tab Groups Feature on Your Desktops Soon

Google All Set to Roll out Its Tab Groups Feature on Your Desktops Soon
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You can be someone who keeps almost 753,785 browser tabs open at all times, or you might get anxious by looking at anything more than a dozen tabs. Google has kept your needs in mind in adding another handy feature to help you keep track on all the tabs. This latest feature has been termed tab groups, and it will allow you to group opened sites together with just a single click, and label the groups with a colour and custom name. After creating a group, you can move and also reorder the tabs in it.


The feature is nothing new for browsers like Opera and Vivaldi, and the browser extensions such as OneTab.


The tab groups will be highly useful when you will working on a number of different assignments at the same time. You will be able to track task progress or check out a number of review websites at the same time.


You can use emoji or words for naming the tab groups. The best thing is that the groups will stay saved when you reopen Chrome after closing. It will save you a lot of time from digging through the browser history for finding the right websites for your work. Tab groups are found in Google Chrome Beta at this moment, and it will get released along with the latest version of the browser coming out next week. You will get this feature for Chrome on desktops that use Linux, Mac, Windows, and Chrome OS.


All you need to do is right-click on a tab and choose to add a tab to the group. Choose the colour and the name of the tab group. Whenever you open new tabs, keep adding them to the group or create new groups as per your needs.

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