Developer Claims Microsoft Copied Winget from Its Rival Appget

Developer Claims Microsoft Copied Winget from Its Rival Appget
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Winget, the new Windows Package Manager from Microsoft, was launched last week and it surprised everyone with its features. However, it seems like Microsoft was lifted the core operations from a developed it had interviewed and ghosted.


The developer of AppGet, KeivanBeigi, has offered a detailed account of how Microsoft reached out to him in 2019 showing interests in his work but went quiet after an interview, and then came up with Winget. It’s a typical case of Sherlocking, which is a term generally used for situations where Apple undercuts third-party apps by including their features directly into iOS or MacOS.


AppGet is the open-source and free package manager for Windows that helps in automating software installation on the Windows PCs. It came into Microsoft’s radar in 2019, when Andrew Clinick, one of the program managers handling app modelling at Microsoft contacted KeivanBeigi of AppGet. Their conversations finally led the developer being interviewed for a job role at Microsoft. He was to be given the responsibility to improve software distribution in Windows using the work he has done on AppGet.


After being interviewed in December, there was no word from the company for six months. Finally, he got a 24-hour notice about Winget’s launch last week. Beigi says that he felt shocked and upset on seeing the announcement and looking at the GitHub repositories.


According to Beigi, the structure, manifest format, terminology, core mechanics, and even the folder structure of the package repository of Winget was completely copied from AppGet. He further added that the foundation of the project lies on all that it has directly lifted from AppGet. Microsoft has only had a brief mention of AppGet in the announcement, as a throwaway line that enlists other package managers in Windows.

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