A Bug in Wallpaper Causing Some Android Phones to Crash

A Bug in Wallpaper Causing Some Android Phones to Crash
Image Credit – xda-developers.com

A bug in Android has led to a condition where setting an image as the wallpaper of the phone can make it crash. This problem was widely discussed over the weekend with leaker Ice Universe tweeting the image that leads to the issue. Android Authority and 9to5Google have also verified the bug. It was indicated that Samsung handsets are particularly affected by the virus, though Google Pixel is also not safe from it.


On these phones, keeping the photo as the wallpaper makes the screen of the handset to start turning off and on immediately and making it inoperative. You can’t even fix the issue by rebooting the phone. The phone can be restarted into safe mode and the image file can be deleted as of a temporary fix. But, factory resetting the device is the only way to get things back to normal.


It seems that the bug is not universal. When the virus was verified on Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the phone was not affected at all.


Going by the Twitter thread of Dylan Roussel from 9to5Google, the issue might arise because certain phones do not support the colour space the image uses. The image has RGB colour space, as opposed to the SRGB colour space used by most of the Android devices.


Roussel further noted that while testing the same issue on Pixel 4 XL and running Android-11 developer preview, it seemed that the software includes code for replacing unsupported coloured spaces with SRGB. Thus, the wallpaper did not make the phone crash for Pixel 4 XL. This means that there is a simple solution for the phone that has this issue. It is necessary to be cautious about the images that you utilize as wallpapers on your Android handsets.

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