Google is Directly Highlighting Search Results on Webpages Now

Google is Directly Highlighting Search Results on Webpages Now
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Google is making it easier for you to find the information that you are searching for on the external websites by highlighting the relevant parts in yellow. This functionality works well with the Featured Snippets of Google. Featured Snippets are basically standalone boxes that come up on the top of the search results and try to get you answers without actually visiting the website.

A click on the snippet will take you to that particular webpage from where the information was pulled. But, the text that was on that snippet will now remain highlighted in yellow, and browser will take you to that exact part of the webpage upon clicking on the snippet.

Danny Sullivan from Google has mentioned that the company has been working on this feature for quite some time now. The feature was rolled out for the AMP pages two years back, and the testing phase on HTML pages was started last year. As per the latest reports, Google is using the feature regularly on its HTML pages now. The tweets from the official Search account of Google confirmed the latest changes.

This new feature has now been made live on most of the browsers and featured snippets, though it seems like the feature fails to work sometimes. The feature worked just fine for Safari and Chrome on mobile, but the yellow texts didn’t come up when the same snippets were opened in Safari or Edge. However, Google support pages have already clarified that the functionality might be limited depending on what the individual browsers can support.

It actually seems like a good way to get users immediate access to the information that they are looking for, even when the yellow highlights clash with the actual website design.

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