Attracting Customer Reviews for Better Search Engine Position

Attracting Customer Reviews for Better Search Engine Position

Attracting Customer Reviews for Better Search Engine Position

With the rise of tycoons like Amazon, companies devoted to improving customer experience, there is no doubt about the fact that customer experience is crucial. Online customer reviews hence are very important for customers to read when they are buying a product or service online. Here are the best ways to boost your online sales by attracting customer reviews and securing a better search engine position –

The first step is to create profiles on all the top company review websites such as –

  • Foursquare
  • Yelp
  • Google+ Local
  • Angie & List
  • Yahoo! Local Listings
  • Merchant Circle

Once these accounts have been made, suitable strategies need to be launched. The goal is to create customer relationships and make sure that they leave positive and constructive reviews for the products. Good comments can almost serve as a good brand ambassador. Discussed below are the best ways to secure a review –

Ask users to review the product – Ask for reviews via content or offers on the official website, direct emailing, contact them on their social media profiles or even use the traditional approach of calling them to get a quote or a review. If the reviews are genuinely good they can be then used either on your website or your social media profiles as an endorsement.

Inform them on how their opinion matters – Just like there are a lot of clueless companies out there who don’t realise how importance customer reviews are, there are a lot of customers who feel that their opinion simply doesn’t matter. Caring about customer opinion makes the brand stronger. So, the responsibility of making customers feel that their opinion is important is also on the company. The best way to do so is informing them where and how they can post their criticism or positive feedback about a product. Once their opinion has been registered, publicly or privately reaching them to either apologize or express gratitude is also a step companies must take in their bid to have a happy and responsive customer base.

Adding a personal touch – Automating the process of customer review analysis and response could be tempting. However, it is the companies that rise above these cheap temptations and get personal with their customers who are successful in the long run. Just a personal email from someone at the company with whom the customer has previously spoken, can go a long way. In this age of digital marketing a lot of customers are left craving that personal touch – especially when doing business online. Capitalising on this general consensus and taking this difficult yet highly successful route of going personal is the best way for online eCommerce companies to stand out.

Get professional assistance – There are outsourcing companies that will contact customers on behalf of the company to get a positive response. To know more about the secrets of providing the ultimate customer experience, have a discussion with some of the leading experts of an established SEO Gold Coast agency.

Best SEO Techniques for Keyword Placement

Finding it difficult to rank your blog posts and capitalizing on a specific keyword? Discussed below are some of the best SEO techniques for keyword placement, processes that will certainly help in taking your blog post on the first page of Google Search Engine Result Pages –

On-Page optimization

Concisely written content that adds a certain value to the user’s reading experience is a must. In addition to keeping a track of the quality of the content that is being posted, the length of each blog post is also important. Anything over 500 – 1000 words could exceed the reader’s attention span. However, for the blog posts which are extremely depictive and essentially fixate on giving the reader proper guidance on certain subjects, the ideal length is 1500 words, according to several reports presented by SEO experts. Here’s how to optimize your blog posts –

  • Choose a good SEO-optimized topic for your blog. This can be a trending
  • topic or something off the list of most searched phrases on Google
  • Internally link these posts with long tail anchor texts
  • Evenly distribute all the keywords that are being targeted in that blog post

So, when a user searches these generic and most searched phrases on Google, your blog post will be on the top of the search engine result pages.

Off-Page optimization

Off-Page optimization consists of persistent backlink creation for all the blogs that are being posted. The main focus is to create top quality backlinks. Avoid overdoing anchor text optimization (ending all the blogs with ‘Click here’ tag), as it can have a negative effect on the search results. These methods are definitely guaranteed to produce positive results. To know more about how SEO and SERPs really work, visit website and discuss your requirements with some of the best experts in digital marketing.

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